Lightweight editors, theming and usability improvements for Eclipse

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What is LiClipse?

LiClipse is a set of plugins to enhance Eclipse and improve the overall Eclipse experience. It includes improved IDE theming, builtin editors for many languages (and a way to easily create new editors without delving into actual Java coding), usability improvements for all Eclipse editors, packaging of some common existing plugins and installers which are natively integrated into each platform.

Why is it named LiClipse?

LiClipse is a short for Lightweight Eclipse.

What about LiClipseText?

LiClipseText is the open source component that was born out of LiClipse which provides support for multiple languages.

See the LiClipseText About for more information.

Is it a fork of Eclipse?

No, LiClipse is not a fork of Eclipse (nor does it intend to be). Also, it should work well with existing plugins and can be installed in an existing Eclipse installation.

Now, having said that, it does have some overlap when it comes down to supported languages.

Usually, in Eclipse, you have to install a new plugin for each language you're working with, which does add more weight to an existing Eclipse installation, so, one of its targets is that you'll only need to install more advanced editor plugins if it's one of your main languages and you're really in need of its features as the more commom features such as syntax highlighting, outline, comment/uncomment and even basic code-completion can be provided through LiClipse adding very little weight to an Eclipse install.

Still it's interesting to note that LiClipse does intend to offer advanced support for some languages. As an example, its HTML editor already offers support such as code-analysis, context-aware code-completion and embedded languages in script tags (i.e.: Javascript and CSS inside HTML), aiming to become one of the best in its class.

What about the crowdfunding?

The crowdfunding for LiClipse is now finished -- it can still be seen at: Indiegogo campaign page.