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LiClipseText is open source and depends on your contributions! This may be in the form of bug fixes, answers on stackoverflow, new features... Another option is financially supporting it:


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Getting the code

The first thing you probably want to do in order to code in LiClipseText is getting its code.

Pre-requisites: Eclipse SDK 4.6.0, Git and Java 8.0 (note that other versions of those should work too but details may differ a bit)

Before getting the code, there's an important step you need to make: Change your java 'compiler compliance-level' to 8.0. To do this, go to window > preferences > Java > compiler and change that setting from 1.4 to 1.8.


Get the code with Git from (ideally, fork it at github, create your own branch at the forked repository -- usually based in the master branch -- and later send a pull request on github so that the code can be merged back). Later, if you want to provide some other feature/bugfix, a new branch should be created again.

Then, in Eclipse, go to: File > Import > Existing projects into workspace and point it to the root of the repository you just downloaded.

Configuring the environment after getting the code

Important: Before doing any changes to the code it's important to note that you should create a new branch (usually based on the master branch) for doing code changes. See: for details on creating and using branches.

Note that to make sure that LiClipseText keeps working on the long run, usually tests are required for pull requests (unless it's a really trivial change). Those reside in the project/tests source folder.

Running it with your changes

After you download the contents and do changes to the code, you can do a Run As > Eclipse Application and a new Eclipse instance will be run with the changes you did.

Creating a distribution locally

Now, on to the build: LiClipseText uses maven to do the build, so, it should be a matter of using "mvn install".

There's a bat file at: /features/org.brainwy.liclipsetext.feature/build_liclipsetext.bat which can be used as a base to know which environment variables are needed to do a build and /pom.xml (in the root) has more details on getting pre-requisites.

Contributing back

Create a pull request in github:

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