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Spell checking can be enabled to specifid partitions of the document.

It should be automatically specified for a language whenever a scope maps to the string color (in the top-level entry scope_to_color_name).

In the example below, both doubleQuotedString and singleQuotedString would be automatically spell checked.
scope_to_color_name: {
  doubleQuotedString: string,
  singleQuotedString: string,
  builtins: annotation,

It's however possible to change the partitions used to do spell checking by creating a spell_check top-level entry (which should be a map).

Currently the only entry that this map accepts is a scope entry which maps to a list of strings.

The example below shows an overridden spell_check where we only want spell checking in the annotations and javadoc partitions.
spell_check: {
  scope: [annotations, javadoc]
To disable spell checking, set an empty list in the scope entry.

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