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It's possible to launch a file opened with the LiClipse editor (new on LiClipse 1.0.0):

After opening an editor, F9 may be used to launch it.

The settings from the language are gotten to create a launch configuration (and if the language doesn't have any the launch settings set, a dialog will be opened so that the executable to be used can be selected).

When a given file is run, the errors on the console are hyperlinked based on the settings set in the language.

Below is an example on how to configure a launch for a language (by editing the related '.liclipse' file).

launch: {
    command: python, #Note: 'python' must be in the PATH for the launch to work
    vm_args: '-u', #Default vm arguments to add to a launch
    environment: { #Default environment to use in the launch
    hyperlink: {
        regexp: '.*(File) \"([^\"]*)\", line (\d*).*',
        start: 1, #i.e.: start the hyperlink on 'File' (group 1 of the hyperlink).
        filename: 2, #i.e.: group 2 of the regexp has the filename.
        line: 3, #i.e.: group 1 of the regexp has the line in the file.
        end: 3, #i.e.: end of group 3 of the regexp is the end of the hyperlink (optional).
Other shortcuts may also be useful to the launching workflow:

Ctrl+Shift+F9: Terminates the last launch and relaunches it.

Ctrl+Alt+F9: Terminates all launches.

Ctrl+F11: Relaunches the last launch.